About Us


WiekTunez is comprised of founding member, Wikus Alberts. The enthusiasm began with the Mazda MPS platform, whether it was the 3, 6 or even the CX7. This all started in our garage, doing the odd install of a custom modification at the crack of dawn and turning this into an all-night job as the experience developed. This has now grown into something a lot more, PASSION for the brand and growing the community. We have taken it upon ourselves to learn as much as we can about the Mazda platform as a whole, not only the MPS range. Our passion does not stop with Mazda, but is also expanding to the Ford ranges as well.

We want to distinguish ourselves from other tuning and modification houses with our work ethic and general operation. Our specialization will come in on the tuning side, where we offer custom mapping of your vehicle with the relevant purchased custom tune. We have been working on the MPS platform for many hours, making calculated changes and always holding safety and reliability above other parameters. Taking the clients wishes into consideration and tuning the car to their driving style is imperative. We will customize the map to your preference, by offering economy tweaks, load capping, ethanol fueling and anything else that our clients would want.